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07. february 2018

IPBC launches a free worldwide content distribution platform with a built-in cryptocurrency

IPBC (Inter-Planetary Broadcast Coin) aims to disrupt traditional video sharing platforms with a blockchain-based payment system that rewards creators for fair use.

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07. february 2018

The Berlin-based RA-MICRO Group enters the blockchain technology business with its RA-MICRO International SE daughter company.

RA-MICRO International SE offers financial support for the startup project launched by an international developer group in Spain: IPBC InterPlanetary Broadcast Coin. An IPBC audience portal is already online as a beta version,

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IPBC White Paper

IPBC is an project that combines several services, including broadcasting, social media and video broadcasting. The following document will help you learn more about IPBC: what it is, what is our vision of the future, who is behind the project, what is the technology of the platform and what are the characteristics of the market.

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Our Corporate colors are a distinct and crucial part of our identity as they make our brand instantly recognizable. When applied consistently, our Corporate colors also provide a strong visual link across various materials and communications and set our company apart from the competitors. No colors other than the ones specified below may be used.

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Joni Kautto | CMO

A senior eCommerce consultant from Finland, Joni Kautto has been working in online marketing for 20 years. Kautto works mainly with Scandinavian companies, building.