About us


Behind IPBC is an evergrowing team. Presently there are 20 members taking care of development, marketing and support, among other things, all the while making sure our vision is being upheld and maintained.

IPBC Vision

IPBC.io is building a worldwide innovative platform, in which performance and reward for copyright are brought to a new fair use level. In the future, this reward will no longer depend on your living area, advertising companies, data service providers or arbitrary decisions. With IPBC, the owner of the content or the owner of copyright will receive their payment from all over the world, based on how often their content is accessed.
With IPBC, the content owner has direct contact with the market and its users. It is only this market that decides who gets paid, for what data and how high the payment will be. There is no more hierarchy to sort the service data providers, the portals or any other commercial entity.

IPBC History

Founder MSc. Saber Maram developed the vision of a worldwide system with fair use rewards not dedicated to company policy and censorship while he was working on several solutions for on screen sharing and broadcasting with high security needs for specialized customer groups.


Job offers

As any growing company experiences, IPBC.io is always seeking new team members to strengthen, support and add to our existing team.

Just send us your application at:

We will be glad to provide you with information about living and working in Tenerife.


Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL is a company founded in 2017, with its headquarters located in Tenerife, Spain.

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL
Pol. Ind. San Jerónimo
C/ Ingenios Azucareros, 34
E-38312 La Orotava, Tenerife
CIF: B-76750546